Move over, Narnia. The journey to Ayda has begun.
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  • The Five Stones: The five stones are at the center of the mythology on Ayda–and as happens with everything on Ayda, their destinies are reflected here on our side of the fog. In fact, three thousand-year-old replicas, or statues, of the five stones have been dug up in fields throughout Europe. There is a set on display at the Ashmolean Museum in Scotland. These stones are carved in shapes that replicate the symbols for the Platonic solids, but are far older.

  • Welcome friends and fans! I’m G.A. Morgan, and I’m excited to announce the publication of the last book in The Five Stones trilogy: The Kinfolk. For those of you familiar with what’s been happening on Ayda, you will quickly be re-immersed in a world full of danger and challenges. In The Kinfolk, Evelyn, Frankie, Teddy, Chase, and Knox are tested in ways they could never have believed that day they all climbed aboard the Thompsons’ Whaler and set out to sea.

  • For all you Aydan fans who might be wondering where your daylights would take you on Ayda, I’ve created a fun little quiz. Here’s the link. Let me know what it tells you. Your Kinfolk await!

What they are saying
  • "With clarity and economy, [Morgan] intertwines back story, setting, adventure, and philosophy in convivial balance, and she admirably maintains the individuality of her very large cast of characters (helpfully delineated in a guide at the back). She tests her characters sorely and sometimes violently, but it’s always in service of the plot. Teeming with adventure and philosophical richness, this trilogy closer excels."

    — Kirkus (Starred Review)

  • “Young teenagers who enjoy disappearing into complex created worlds will relish the byzantine structure of the societies on Ayda and the ways the five children discover how they each seem to fit in one or the other…Even as Ms. Morgan puts her characters through trials and ordeals, including some harrowing battle scenes, she keeps them believably youthful, and recognizably themselves, in this emotionally resonant adventure.”

    —Wall Street Journal

  • "The Fog of Forgetting has a magical, timeless quality that’s reminiscent of my own favorite childhood books... As G.A. Morgan sends her lovable, complex kids on their own fantastic voyage, her beautiful, fresh, contemporary writing will transport readers just as those earlier books comforted and thrilled me when I was a lonely kid, hungry for adventures of my own."

    —Kate Christensen,

    author of The Great Man and Blue Plate Special.

  • Morgan's ambitious plot ties up loose ends from Book 1 while creating additional tangles as it delves deeper into the power struggle on Ayda… This is a strong-boned story that is full of adventure and worldbuilding, and it neatly avoids middle-book syndrome. An adventure suffused with philosophical offerings that will appeal to readers who enjoy rich fantasy.”

    —Kirkus Reviews

  • “In Ayda, G.A. Morgan has created an imaginative world, a beautiful and dangerous island where myth becomes reality. Readers will be carried along by this fast-paced adventure, and eager to journey back for the next installment.”

    —Megan Frazer Blakemore

    author of The Spy Catchers of Maple Hill and The Water Castle

  • “There’s nothing like a foggy island to capture the imagination . . . A complex adventure to curl up with on a rainy summer afternoon.”

    —Kirkus Reviews

  • "A bookseller's delight: beautifully written, thoughtful and provocative."

    —Bill Lundgren, bookseller, Longfellow Books