Move over, Narnia. The journey to Ayda has begun.

Hi, I’m G.A. Morgan and I am a writer and editor living in Portland, Maine. My latest book is called The Kinfolk. It is the final installment of an adventure-fantasy for 8-14 year olds called The Five Stones Trilogy. I’ve written a lot of books about a variety of subjects, including garden tools and camping and dieting and men’s underwear (don’t ask). This has made me knowledgeable about a lot of things, but never an expert. I also recently wrote another book that I think is really important. It’s called Undecided: Navigating Life and Learning after High School. I wrote it for one of my sons, who is 20 now, and who has never liked school. Writing books is a profession that takes a great deal of patience and grit. It also takes imagination. I don’t know if I ever really chose to be a writer. Writing is something that I do automatically because it helps me make sense of things, and I am lucky enough that somebody occasionally wants to publish it.